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What makes the perfect wedding? First you need a couple, then you need a venue. Finally you need great planning to make it all go smoothly.

That’s Cloud Weddings. It is a partnership between an experienced wedding planner and organiser, Jane Waters, a former groom with an eye for technology and doing things better, Alastair Banks, and Warm Welcome Hotels, a small chain of boutique, family-run hotels on Dartmoor in Devon.  Together they decided that traditional ways of doing things and keeping tabs on lists, lists and more lists can be time consuming, inefficient and, frankly, boring.

So they created Cloud Weddings.

All that’s left to do is say is ‘I do’

Cloud Weddings does away with all the hassle of wedding planning, leaving you free to get on with making the decisions.

If you separate all the fun stuff about getting married – inviting friends, choosing flowers, getting fitted for a suit or a dress – from all the boring stuff like keeping track of your budget or making sure Auntie Mabel isn’t sitting next to Uncle Kenny then all you get left with is… the fun stuff! That’s what a wedding should be.

How Cloud Weddings make wedding planning easier

  • You put all your lists in one place
  • You can see quickly and easily when things have to be done
  • You can invite and remind guests easily
  • You can plan your table arrangements
  • You can give your venue vital information
  • You can plan your budget
  • Finally, you can get it all done and ENJOY YOUR DAY!

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